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Editorial Matrix

CABI Agriculture and Bioscience is always seeking to add new expertise to its Editorial Board. If you are interested in joining the Editorial Board in an active role, please complete this form to register your interest.

The scope of CABI Agriculture and Bioscience is inclusive of all topics within agriculture, the related biosciences and the environment and our Editorial Board is structured to suit this purpose. We have adopted the below editorial matrix to ensure we are equipped to handle articles in all relevant subject areas with efficiency and integrity.Editorial matrix
The subject areas listed here encompass the majority of the content of relevance to CABI Agriculture and Bioscience, but may be expanded over time to be as inclusive as possible.

Each line represents the full scope of research in a particular subject area. Each Editor present on the Editorial Board may operate along one of these lines, along multiple lines or at the intersection of several lines. Overall, our Editorial Board will have the expertise to handle any article at any point on this matrix.