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Table 4 Regional differences in the antibiotics recommended

From: Antibiotic use on crops in low and middle-income countries based on recommendations made by agricultural advisors

Name of antibioticKasugamycinStreptomycinTetracyclineOxytetracyclineGentamicinNingnanmycinOxonilic acidValidamycinCefadroxilAmoxicillinAureofungin“Antibiotics”
Class of antibioticAminoglycosideAminoglycosidesTetracyclinesTetracyclinesAminoglycosidesNucleoside-QuinaloneValidamycinsCephalosporinsPenicillinsHeptacene
Eastern Mediterranean13281200000800
South East Asia2537626276a000000141
Western Pacific15727044313515820000
  1. The regional differences in the types of antibiotic recommended in the WHO regions of the world. Note the numbers exceed the total number of records containing antibiotics because many of the records recommended a tradename containing a blend of two or more active ingredients, or suggested more than one alternative antibiotic. In these cases, all the constituents of the blend and all alternative antibiotics suggested are included
  2. aRecommendations were for a veterinary product for use on animals, although the advice was to control a plant disease. “Antibiotics” represent recommendations where no specific antibiotic was mentioned