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Table 1 Overview of international initiatives strengthening culture collection functioning and collaboration

From: Strengthening mycology research through coordinated access to microbial culture collection strains

World Federation for culture collections Guidelines for the establishment and operation of culture collections 1968
World Data Centre for Microorganisms World Directory and Global register of culture collections with unique identifiers 1972
Common Access to Biological Resources and Information CABRI Guidelines and access to the consortium collection databases 1999
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Defined Biological Resource Centre (BRC) 1999
Recommended Global Biological Resource Centre Network (GBRCN) as a coordinated global effort 2006
Best Practice Guidelines for Biological Resource Centres 2007
European Commission FP7-Infrastructures-2008-1 EMbaRCa project converted OECD BRC guidelines to a draft standard 2009
German Federal Ministry of Education and Research GBRCN Demonstration Project proof of concept 2010
European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) Defragment European research resources 2012
Microbial Resources Research Infrastructure (MIRRI) Preparatory phase to coordinate European culture collection operation and standards 2016
  1. aEMbaRC: European Consortium for Microbial Resource Centres, Grant Agreement Number 228310—