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Table 2 Chemical and physical properties of soil (0–20 cm depth) in study sites

From: Morphological characterization and yield of pepper (Piper nigrum L.) types grown in Morogoro District, Tanzania

Soil property Optimum value Farm 1 Farm 2 Farm 3
Chemical properties
 pH 4.75–6.25 5.95MA 6.09SLA 6.25SLA
 OC 2.0–7.5% 2.78OP 2.45OP 2.33OP
 Tot. N 0.2–0.5% 0.19L 0.17L 0.22OP
 Bray P 12–96 ppm 10.20L 11.45L 11.28L
 Exch. K+ 91–286 ppm 0.22D 0.85D 0.81D
 Exch. Ca2+ 61–139 ppm 0.59D 0.80D 0.60D
 Exch. Mg2+ 40–194 ppm 0.95L 1.50L 1.10L
 DTPA Fe 12–65 ppm 81.19H 38.20OP 37.10OP
 DTPA Mn 5–35 ppm 62.39H 57.26H 56.29H
 DTPA Zn 2.1–7.0 ppm 4.43OP 3.32OP 2.96OP
 DTPA Cu 0.51–7.7 ppm 1.56OP 2.81OP 3.52OP
Physical properties
 Soil particle size density (P.S.D) %Clay 39.2 37.2 39.22
%Silt 10.82 9.82 9.82
%Sand 49.96 52.96 50.96
Texture class Sandy clay Sandy clay Sandy clay
  1. L, low; H, high; D, deficient and OP, optimum Srinivasan et al. (2007). MA, moderately acidic and SLA, slightly acidic (Landon 1991)