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Table 7 Summary of the costs per crop in billions USD, based on expert knowledge as gathered through the survey

From: Towards estimating the economic cost of invasive alien species to African crop and livestock production

Crop Yield loss
Maize 9.8 (30)
Rice 3.8 (9)
Sorghum 1.7 (11)
Vegetables (fresh nes) 3.7 (15)
Cassava 21.8 (14)
Tomato 10.1 (13)
Fruit (oranges, lemon, limes, grapefruit, citrus nes) 14.6 (4)
Mango 3.7 (1)
Banana 7.1 (13)
Plantains 5.9 (4)
Total 82.2
  1. Respondents indicated the fraction of yield loss caused by IAS; n indicates the number of estimates obtained from the survey responses that were used in the calculation. For maize and tomato, expert loss estimates with a confidence score of < 1 were filtered out of the analysis. Due to a lack of data, all expert loss estimates were considered for other crops. Terms in brackets in the first column indicate the categories in FAOstat that were used as basis for the crop yield estimates