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Table 2 Vernacular names of pumpkin, and meaning of the names and origin of the varieties (n = 120)

From: Ethnobotanical study of pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata Duchesne) landraces in Benin

Number Ethnic group Vernacular names Another vernacular names Meaning of names
1 Adja Yovogbo Agonli yovogbo The big fruit of the Whites
2 Adja Ekpin Yovoté Yam of the White
The fruit is shaped like a pawpaw (ovoid)
3 Bariba Wianru Squash sauce or soup
4 Zarma Laboutanga Squash sauce or soup
5 Gourmantché Lifèly Squash soup
6 Bialy Nousam Squash soup or stew