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Table 2 The calibrated genetic coefficients in the model for cultivar Awash Melka

From: Future climate change impacts on common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) phenology and yield with crop management options in Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Coefficients Definition Cultivar (Awash Melka)
CSDL Critical Short Day Length below which reproductive development progresses with no daylength effect (for shortday plants) (hour) 12.17
PPSEN Slope of the relative response of development to photoperiod with time (positive for shortday plants) (1/hour) 0.02
EM-FL Time between plant emergence and flower appearance (R1) (photothermal days) 36.5
FL-SH Time between first flower and first pod (R3) (photothermal days) 4.0
FL-SD Time between first flower and first seed (R5) (photothermal days) 11.0
SD-PM Time between first seed (R5) and physiological maturity (R7) (photothermal days) 24.5
FL-LF Time between first flower (R1) and end of leaf expansion (photothermal days) 24.0
LFMAX Maximum leaf photosynthesis rate at 30 C, 350 vpm CO2, and high lightm (mg CO2/m2-s) 1.0
SLAVR Specific leaf area of cultivar under standard growth conditions (cm2/g) 300
SIZLF Maximum size of full leaf (three leaflets) (cm2) 150
XFRT Maximum fraction of daily growth that is partitioned to seed + shell 1.0
WTPSD Maximum weight per seed (g) 0.40
SFDUR Seed filling duration for pod cohort at standard growth conditions (photothermal days) 22.5
SDPDV Average seed per pod under standard growing conditions (#/pod) 5.0
PODUR Time required for cultivar to reach final pod load under optimal conditions (photothermal days) 15.0
THRSH The maximum ratio of (seed/ (seed + shell)) at maturity. Causes seed to stop growing as their dry weight increase until shells are filled in a cohort. (Threshing percentage) 78.0
SDPRO Fraction protein in seeds (g(protein)/g(seed)) 0.235
SDLIP Fraction oil in seeds (g(oil)/g(seed)) 0.03