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Table 3 Germination rates at the end of the three stimulation tests

From: Aqueous extracts from indigenous plant in Burkina Faso with bio-herbicide properties to reduce Striga hermonthica (Del.) Benth propagation

Treatments Test 1 (%) Test 2 (%) Test 3 (%)
GR24 69.3a 96.7a 97.9a
Euphorbia hirta (L + St) 66.7a 56.1b 57.3b
Azadirachta indica (B) 29.6b 25.1c 28.1c
Khaya senegalensis (B) 8.3c 7.1d 2.0e
Moringa oleifera (L) 3.6cd 3.1e 7.6d
Eucalyptus camaldulensis (L) 3.4 d 3.2e 2.6e
Acassia nilotica (B) 0.0d 0.0f 0.0e
Azadirachta indica(L) 0.0d 0.0eg 0.0e
Balanites aegyptiaca (B) 0.0d 0.0eg 0.0e
Cassia obtusifolia (L + St) 0.0d 0.0eg 0.0e
Crotalaria rotusa (L + St) 0.0d 0.0eg 0.0e
Jatropha curcas (L) 0.0d 0.0eg 0.0e
Jatropha gossypiifolia (L) 0.0d 0.0eg 0.0e
Lawsonia inermis (L) 0.0d 0.0eg 0.0e
Phyllanthus amarus (L + St) 0.0d 0.0eg 0.0e
Mean 12.8 12.7 13.0
LSD (5%) 5.537 2.652 3.908
cv% 56.9 25.8 37.1
F pr  < 0.001  < 0.001  < 0.001
  1. In a column, means followed by the same alphabet letter are not significantly different
  2. LSD (5%), Least significant differences of means (5% level); cv, coefficient of variation, F Pr, Fisher probability; L, leaves; St, stems; B, bark