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Aims and Scope

CABI Agriculture and Bioscience

Ensuring today’s research meets tomorrow’s global challenges in agriculture and the environment. CABI Agriculture and Bioscience (CABI A&B) publishes high quality, rigorously peer-reviewed interdisciplinary research focused on agriculture, food security, and the environment. The journal is committed to encouraging an inclusive culture of scientific discussion and rapid information sharing among researchers worldwide.  Editors encourage submissions of both large and incremental advances in science in both primary and cross-cutting disciplines ranging from the biosciences to agriculture, social sciences, and the environment.

CABI A&B is open access, with rapid peer review, making findings immediately available to all readers worldwide. The journal is the official journal of CABI – an international, inter-governmental, not-for-profit organization that improves people’s lives worldwide by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment.

Article-processing charge discount

APC discount

We are pleased to offer an introductory discount of over 35% on the article-processing charge for each article accepted for publication in CABI A&B. The introductory discount is available for a limited time only and will automatically be applied upon acceptance. Read more here.

Collections open for submissions

CABI Agriculture and Bioscience collections

Disease of Tree Fruit and Nut Crops

New approaches to economic impact assessments of non-native pests, pathogens and weeds

Eradication of Arthropods: Science and Society

Recent advances on sustainable management of arthropod pests in African fruit cropping systems

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Editorial Matrix

CABI Agriculture and Bioscience Editorial Matrix

As the scope of CABI Agriculture and Bioscience is inclusive of all topics within agriculture, the related biosciences and the environment, our Editorial Board is structured to suit this purpose. We have adopted the above Editorial Matrix to ensure we are equipped to handle articles in all relevant subject areas with efficiency and integrity. Read more.

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Behind the research

Antibiotic use on crops in low and middle-income countries based on recommendations made by agricultural advisors
We are delighted to present an interview chaired by Niklaus Grünwald with Phil Taylor & Rob Reeder, CABI scientists and authors of the above article, to discuss their findings and what implications these will have in agriculture. Read the full article here.

Our launch Editorial

CABI Agriculture and Bioscience

Read our introductory launch Editorial written by members of the Editorial Leadership team to discover more about the mission and vision of the journal.

Articles Published

About CABI


CABI is an international, inter-governmental, not-for-profit organization that improves people’s lives by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment.

Through knowledge sharing and science, CABI helps address issues of global concern such as improving global food security and safeguarding the environment. We do this by helping farmers grow more and lose less of what they produce, combating threats to agriculture and the environment from pests and diseases, protecting biodiversity from invasive species, and improving access to agricultural and environmental scientific knowledge. Our 49 member countries guide and influence our core areas of work, which include development and research projects, microbial services and scientific publishing.

CABI invests its publishing surpluses directly into development projects, helping to improve livelihoods worldwide.

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Join the Editorial Board

CABI Agriculture and Bioscience

CABI Agriculture and Bioscience aims to be inclusive of all subject areas related to agriculture, which means we are always seeking to add new members to the Editorial Board in an active role. Register your interest now by completing a short form.

Interested in being a peer reviewer?

CABI Agriculture and Bioscience reviewer recruitment

CABI Agriculture and Bioscience invites you to join our expert team of reviewers in assessing manuscripts. For consideration, please send a copy of your CV along with keywords and expertise to the Journal Editor.

A quote from the Editor-in-Chief

Niklaus GrünwaldCABI Agriculture and Bioscience fills an unmet need in the global science publishing landscape. We publish multidisciplinary, multinational research reflecting both large and incremental advances in science. We might publish, for example, economic research that integrates climate change, pest management, and big data. By providing an outlet for both primary and transdisciplinary studies, we’ve created a home for science directly relevant to feeding the planet’s growing populations.”

Niklaus Grünwald, Editor-in-Chief, North America

Official journal of

  • CABI Agriculture and Bioscience is the official journal of CABI.

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