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Table 1 The WHO groupings of the countries in which Plantwise is operational and collecting data

From: Antibiotic use on crops in low and middle-income countries based on recommendations made by agricultural advisors

AfricaAmericasEastern MediterraneanSouth East AsiaWestern Pacific
Burkina FasoBarbadosAfghanistanBangladeshCambodia
Congo Democratic RepublicBoliviaPakistanIndiaVietnam
EthiopiaBrazil MyanmarChinaa
GhanaCosta Rica Nepal 
KenyaGrenada Sri Lanka 
MalawiHonduras Thailand 
Sierra LeonePeru   
TanzaniaTrinidad and Tobago   
  1. Countries with less than 100 records in the database were excluded from the analysis
  2. aData from China is collected but is not included in the POMS database