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Table 3 Summary of results from calculations for New Zealand, Australia and California control scenarios for B. tryoni and B. dorsalis

From: Establishing criteria for the management of tephritid fruit fly outbreaks

Fruit fly control scenarios Trigger number for establishing an ERZ Calculated Radius of the ERZ Time to remove the ERZ (reinstate the PFA)
B. tryoni New Zealand 3 flies in two weeks 3200 m 14 weeks
Australia—urban areas 3 flies in two weeks 3200 m 61.6 weeks
Australia—production areas 1 fly 7800 m 61.6 weeks
B. dorsalis New Zealand 1 fly 5480 m 6 weeks
California—urban areas 1 fly 5080 m 228 weeks
California—production areas 1 fly 6400 m 312 weeks