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Table 1 Pathogenicity, type of disease caused and region of development of the seven recognised species of Eimeria that cause coccidiosis in chickens (Blake and Tomley 2014; Cisman et al. 2020; Horton-Smith and Long 1965; Joyner 1958; Joyner and Davies 1960; Long, 1967; 1968; Reid et al. 2014; Williams 1998)

From: Controlling the causative agents of coccidiosis in domestic chickens; an eye on the past and considerations for the future

Eimeria Species Gross pathological lesions Haemorrhagic disease Malabsorptive disease Region of development
E. brunetti Lower intestine
E. necatrix Mid-intestine and caeca
E. tenella Caeca
E. acervulina Duodenum
E. maxima Mid-intestine
E. mitis Mid-intestine
E. praecox Duodenum