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Correction: Emic definitions of empowerment for just development: learnings from Kenya

The Original Article was published on 28 March 2024

Correction: CABI Agriculture and Bioscience (2024) 5:33

The original publication of this article (Zaremba et al. 2024) contained an incorrect acknowledgement section. The incorrect and correct information is listed in this correction article.


The authors gratefully Patti Petesch for her time and thoughtful contributions. We also thank the CGIAR Gender Equality Initiative and CGIAR Trust Fund Donors.


The authors gratefully acknowledge Balentine Oingo and Gitundu Rachel at the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT for collecting and transcribing the qualitative data on which this paper is based. We deeply appreciate the assistance provided by the FAO Kenya office during data collection, particularly recognizing Husna Mbarak and Queen Katembu. Our sincere gratitude extends to the team at Alliance Bioversity/CIAT Kenya for their meticulous data collection, to Mercy Mutual for her outstanding leadership of the survey data collection component, and to Pham Thu Huong for her careful cleaning and analysis of the survey data. Verdiana Biagioni Gazzoli (FAO), the project coordinator for the FAO sub-program on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture, Food Security, and Nutrition, offered thoughtful comments and suggestions on the project report, which served as the foundation for this study. The authors appreciate inputs and suggestions of Patti Petesch, Marlène Elias, and two anonymous reviewers on this and earlier versions of this paper. The CGIAR Initiative on Gender Equality and CGIAR Trust Fund Donors as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supported the drafting and open-access publishing of this paper, INV-009649/OPP1198373. Finally, we extend our deepest thanks to the women and men in the study communities who provided their time, opinions, and knowledge to make this study possible.


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